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Crazy Doctor Sex Model's Name: Nana Nanami Full Video At: All Japanese Pass
I don't know how to title this video, crazy doctor sex is the best I can come up with even though there's no traditional sex going on. Japanese av idol Nana Nanami is tied up with rubber tubes and wrapped in plastic. Maybe some sort of heat treatment deal. She's getting sprayed with water and as he peels off the plastic rap you can see she is completely naked underneath. Now her nipples are being sprayed with water and each squirt from the canister makes her quiver. Her nipples are erect and she seems to be enjoying herself.

Now the doctor or therapist or pervert spreads her legs so he can water her pussy in an apparent effort to make her pubic hair even bushier. Disclaimer, I'm just assuming at this point and my assumptions are not based on science. Now he has put a pump over her nipples, suctioned on to each one and he presses a button. No idea what that's all about but I'm a little disturbed by it. He has one of those vibrator orbs on a stick things and he's moving it across her armpit in what could be an attempt at tickle torture but she's not laughing, she seems to be more lost in pleasure. He moves the orb down to her vagina now and teases her clit as she writhes her pelvis. Now he removes the nipple suction cups and they're really hard from whatever was going on with them and he makes her taste a vibrator dildo which he then puts into her pussy letting the rabbit ears tickle her clitoris.

As he continues to work on her pussy he starts tweeking her nipples and they're nice and fat and he pulls them outwards. Next he begins to finger her pussy, no gloves on, I'm convinced now this isn't a professional therapeutic appointment, call me Mr Obvious. And that's about it, the video clip stops short before the half dozens questions I have are answered. I suppose I could always sign up with All Japanese Pass to figure out this newly created life mystery or continue to live my ignorant bliss.
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