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Japanese Housewife Sex Model's Name: Serina Hayakawa Full Video At: JAV HQ
I think we posted a shorter version video of this DVD on the site earlier. Serina Hayakawa plays a geisha girl, sort of, more of a traditional Japanese housewife sex video with her wearing a kimono robe at the beginning. Her husband is toying her nipples and tongue kissing her before he lifts her robe up and shows her hairy and uncensored pussy. He fingers her clit a little then sticks his index finger in her hole. She makes some funny faces like it's a little uncomfortable for her as he appears to be trying to find her g spot. He must have found something cuz her mixed comfort look has changed to one of full pleasure.

Now her husband is naked and she with her hair up in some sort of Princess Leia pigtail bun hairdo starts sucking on his cock. She bobs a little and licks his shaft some and tongues the head while holding it with her pink nail polish tipped fingers. She gives a cute smile for the camera.

Now for the fuck action, she is laying back on him, reverse cowgirl position and moving her pussy up and down on his dick. She's apparently done this before because she finds a nice speed to work it at and seems fully coordinated. He thumbs her clitoris a little as she continues to fuck his penis. Sensing she was tiring her wiggles forward a little and starts pumping her himself.

Letting her take a full breather he has positioned her on her side and he fucks away at her vagina. He is not wearing a condom we can see now as the camera goes closeup to capture the uncensored action. He keeps humping her sideways as her pussy hair stick out from between her thighs.

Now she has her ass up and face down in the mattress as he hammers her pussy doggystyle. Then he leans back and she kneels above him and takes over, moving her tiny kitty up and down his man shaft as the camera captures her little asshole. Now back in her favorite position, the leaned back cowgirl she is again pumping him having recovered much of her energy. She seems to be in full ecstasy as she lets her head fall back and the camera fades out.
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