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Maria Ozawa Sex Model's Name: Maria Ozawa Full Video At: AV Idolz
Maria Ozawa starts off dancing to some elevator music in a sexy and seductive manner, something she is always so good at. Next she is in a lime green top with a pervert massaging her breasts from behind. He pulls her halter top down under her boobs and starts playing with her nipples, kissing, licking and sucking her right one while teasing her left with his fingers. Now she's on her back on the bed with her legs back and tits out and he is eating her hairy pussy. The action here is uncensored as he tongues her clit. If you're into female feet Marias are on full display her with her yellow soles bobbing up and down.

A quick cut to Miss Ozawa on her knees sucking his dick camera angle from the side then over his shoulder showing her pretty face made so perfect for that extra, visual blowjob stimulation. Now she's on her back moaning unconvincingly as he fucks her unshaven pussy. More naked feet her showing her bottoms bouncing for some light foot fetish stimulation. Her man is wearing a condom and we can tell this because of the invention of no pixels with this groundbreaking technology of clarity so well displayed in this ex film.

I missed a cut there while trying to think how to best string together some big words but now she's reverse cowgirl on him but he seems to be doing most of the work from below. Great closeup of her hairy bush as he goes balls deep into her now loose pussy. She has tits made for sex, they always play so well in full motion, case in point this next doggystyle position. Her ass aint so bad either, it jiggles perfectly to each beat of the bum, that's a pun, on drum, or sum.. pin. I'm so hip hop.

The doggy style sex continues for a bit but next she's on her back holding on to the bed frame for dear life as he keep up his sexual pace and ohh, looks like he's spent cuz he's just moved into position over her naked torso to spend his load of cum all over her somewhere. But I won't ruin the ending, you can see the full unedited video at AV Idolz along with many more of Maria specifically as well as hundreds of her pornstar friends.
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