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Naami Hasegawa Uncensored Model's Name: Naami Hasegawa Full Video At: All Japanese Pass
A couple of perverts wearing masks are sucking on Naami Hasegawa's tits as she lies on her back with her legs spread and panties on showing off her little pussy freckle. She is wearing purple stockings and high heels. They remove her panties and start fingering her pussy. Both guys have 2 fingers each inside of her hole for some double penetration style action. Her pussy is trimmed with just a strip of pubic hair.

They break out the vibrating egg sex toys and tease her nipples a little and then back to her pussy and asshole, vibrating each simultaneously. her pussy is really wet now showing some sign of her having cummed a little. There is one vibrator fully inside of her with just the wire sticking out which looks rather odd like she has a bionic pussy and it's getting a recharge.

Ahh yes, we see now that she is mostly wet because they are pouring body oil over her vaginal area to lubricate it up. Her hands are bound behind her apparently, this is some pussy torture stuff and she seems to be enjoying it. One guy is now pulling the vibrator out of her pussy bu the cord, it slowly emerges and then pops out as her pussy quivers on exit. He then replaces it with a dildo which he thrusts in and out of her. He's being a little rough with it, good thing there is a liberal amount of oil being poured over her to help cool things off from all that friction. All that vaginal teasing has payed off for now she's gushing out juices left and right, spraying piss all over the place and some of it gets on the camera as they evacuate the area to avoid the stream of urine now pouring out of her. She lies on her back recovering her senses, covered in her sex juice as the camera lingers on her until the scene fades out.
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