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Nazuna Otoi Sex Model's Name: Nazuna Otoi Full Video At: JAV HQ
This is a hot Nazuna Otoi sex gangbang scene from a DVD she did. I count six dudes all sharing her excellent body together and swapping spit via her body parts which they all take turns licking and sucking. One guy pulls her tits out of her bra and starts licking her nipples, another guy is down low working her hairy pussy with a vibrator, another is massaging her one breast and the other dudes are all fighting over real estate and end up eating her arms, hands and legs like a bunch of perverted cannibals. They eventually get organized and line up to take turns having her suck their dicks, careful not to get too close to each other while standing in queue for they're all fully erect and that could go badly for them. To speed things along she double fists some cock, sucking one dick at a time while jerking the other.

Eventually she ends up on her knees with her head in the mattress getting fucked doggystyle with her nice ass up in the air. Nobody is wearing condoms but its cool, they all agreed to draw straws when the pregnancy test comes back positive. I suspect the lucky winner's version of How I Met Your Mother will be a little awkward. She gets fucked on her side by a couple other guys, the action is all uncensored and we see her vagina up close and by this time it is fairly gaped open what with the 6 cocks that have been in and out of it. She does a little reverse cowgirl on another guy while sucking two guys dicks who aren't afraid to cross swords, they must have never watched Ghostbusters or they would be aware of the dangers of doing so. On her back again she gets pumped by one chump as her skinny ass is spread open with full view of her little brown star. The dudes are all reaching their peaks now and one guy moves into the tea bag position getting ready to blow his load across her face but awww, the scene ends. Full length video can be downloaded from JAV HQ.
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