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Strange Japanese Sex Model's Name: Naami Hasegawa Full Video At: All Japanese Pass
This video starts with Naami Hasegawa lying on her back, white stockinged legs up in the air and spread as she shows her uncensored and trimmed pussy and asshole closeup. Her guy pal takes his thumbs and slowly peels apart her sticky pussy lips showing her pink insides.

Wow, and here's a first for me and I've seen some pretty strange Japanese sex video before. He has a bottle of cola inside of her pussy and it chugs away as the contents pour deep inside of her. That has got to feel very weird, all that carbonation is a strange enough sensation on the throat, how it would feel inside a vagina with all it's millions of pleasure sensors has got to be a trip. It bubbles at her pussy exit and he fingers he a little as the cola pools under her ass on the bed sheets. Now he has a funnel inside of her pussy hole and he's pouring a thick clear substance in, it's oily looking and now all the cola inside of her is coming up the funnel and into the oily stuff. This has really turned into a pussy science experiment, something that would have definitely made us all pay more attention in high school science classes.

With the chemical properties inside a vagina experimentation seemingly done with she has her legs spread open behind her from her scientist partner and they are both giggling as her pussy farts out the gases that built up inside of her from the chemical mixture and carbonation. Crazy stuff.

So back the the norm, she is spitting on his sock and sucking and rubbing it and he's nice and hard as she eats his balls, sucking on each testicle. Her nails are manicured, a french manicure I believe, the white tips. And now that the preliminary oral sex is out of the way he has his dick inside of her, as a sort of probe to study the chemical compounds he mixed up earlier. He pours that oily stuff all over her chest now and rubs it into her tits then they get into the fucking. I figure they must be using friction to cook something inside her womb because he's really pumping hard to get the heat up inside her love oven. And alas, he is spent as he spends his sexual currency all over her face in a great cumshot that shoots in one stream across her face and over her eye and eyebrow.
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